The Aerospace Research in Bulgaria journal was founded in 1978 under the name Space Research in Bulgaria. Its founder and first editor was Acad. Kiril Serafimov (1978-1990). Over the years, editors were Prof. Boris Bonev (1991-1996), Prof. Nikola Georgiev (1996-2006) and Prof. Garo Mardirossian (2006- until now).

Acad. Kiril Serafimov Prof. Boris Bonev Prof. Nikola Georgiev Prof. Garo Mardirossian

The Journal has been issued during the years under different names. Its was issued under Space Research in Bulgaria (ISSN 0204-9104, No 1-8), from No 9 to No 15 it's name was changed to ; (ISSN 0861-1432) continuing the policy from the first issues to publish in Bulgarian, Russian, and English.

Since 2001, the journal name was changed to Aerospace Research in Bulgaria (No 16; ISSN: 1313-0927) and its content is entirely in English, with summaries in Bulgarian or Russian.

The Journal Aerospace Research in Bulgaria is published by Space Research and Technology Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (SRTI-BAS).

Scope and Content

The Journal Aerospace Research in Bulgaria scope is to publish the results of original scientific and applied research in the field of aerospace research. To this date, it is the only journal in Bulgaria with original scientific and applied materials in the field of aviation and aerospace science and practice.

The main thematic areas of the Journal are:

These areas include:

Additionally to the contributions in fundamental and applied science, Aerospace Research in Bulgaria publishes surveys, information on important national and international events in the field of aerospace research, presentation and reviews of new books in the area of aerospace science and technologies.

In the Journal are published, following a review by members of the International Scientific Programme Committee of the conference, also scientific reports from the annual Scientific conference with international participation Space, Ecology, Safety — SES organized by SRTI-BAS.

In the Journal regularly publish established scholars and young scientists from BAS, the civil and military institutes of higher education and other national research and education establishments as well as foreign authors — alone or in collaboration with Bulgarian scientists.

The Journal also contributes in familiarizing wider readership with developments in aerospace science, engineering and technology.

Outside Bulgaria, Aerospace Research in Bulgaria becomes available in over 20 countries around the world through the book exchange of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, during foreign scientists visits, when Bulgarian scientists travel abroad or by mail.