Instructions to Authors

Manuscripts should not be submitted or published elsewhere. All manuscripts are subject to editorial rewiew. Manuscripts should not exceed 15 pages including figures and tables (no more than 8 in total). Each manuscript should be submitted in .docx (MS Word 2007©– with a compatibility to MS Word 1997–2003©) or .doc (MS Word 1997–2003©), Times New Roman, 11 pt, single-line spacing supplemented with a Cover Letter including the names, address, e-mail, and telephone number of the corresponding author. The manuscript should be in English (British) supplemented with a translated title and an abstract in Bulgarian and/or Russian. Bulgarian authors should supply a Bulgarian copy. Only type-setting errors are subject to correction. Measurement units should be according to System International (SI).

Title page
This first page of each manuscript should indicate its title, the authors' names, affiliation, and e-mails.

Each manuscript should have an Abstract (up to 15 lines) in English and in Bulgarian or Russian.

Tables and Illustrations
All illustrations should be reffered to as "Fig.". The figures caption and text is centered under the figure in Times New Roman, 10 pt, Italic. The table’s captions are above the table in Times New Roman, 10 pt, left aligned; the table font is Times New Roman, 10 pt, Italic.

The formula (no more than 20 in a manuscript) should be written in Microsoft Equation© and numbered sequentially in brackets, left aligned.

(1)                    E = m.c2

The References (not exceeding 20), preferably from peer-reviewed sources, are provided at the end of the manuscript in sequential numbering as they appear in text, Times New Roman, 10 pt. They should be indicated in the text by giving the sequential number in parentheses, i.e. [1]. If the references cited in text are three or more, they should be separated with en dash, i.e. [8–10]. The name of the first author should be given with inversion. The title of the article is followed by that of the journal, year, volume, issue, and the page range, ex.:
1. Bullard, E., I. Cooper. The determination of the masses necessary to produce a given gravitational field, Proc. Royal Soc., 1948, 194, 332–347. DOI:
If authors are more than two their names are separated with a comma. In case authors are more than five (5) the names of the first three are provided followed by et al., ex.: Dachev, T., B. Tomov, Yu. Matviichuk et. al. …
Papers from conference proceedings should be formatted as follows: author, title, proceedings, date, year, publisher, and page-range.
2. Streb, C., P. Richter, M. Lebert, T. Dachev, D.-P. Häder. R3D-B, radiation risk radiometer-dosimeter on BIOPAN (Foton) and expose on the International Space Station (ISS). Proceedings of the 2nd European Workshop on Exo/Astrobiology, Graz, Austria, 16–19 September 2002, (ESA SP-518), 71–74.
Books and reports should be formatted as follows, authors, title, town, publisher, year of publishing, number of pages, ex.:
3. Kramer, H. Observation of the Earth and its environment - survey of missions and sensors. Berlin, Springer-Verlag, 2002, 1509 p.

Template for editing an article